Sunday, December 29, 2019

Essay on Nelson Mandela, My Superhero, Our Superhero

â€Å"Nelson Mandela was the symbol of justice, equality, and dignity.† (Obama, 2013). He was born in Mveso, Transkei, South Africa on July 18, 1998 as a Madiba clan (Les Prix Nobel, 1993). Since he was young, he always dreamt to be able to contribute to create a free and democratic country where everyone could live in harmony. He started his anti-apartheid movement by joining the African National Congress (ANC) when he was 20 (Cachalia, 2013). He was first banned in 1952, and was finally arrested on 5 December 1995 due to his â€Å"radical activity† in the ANC (Nelson Mandela Biography, 2014). He actively directed many peaceful campaigns to raise the apartheid issue. He wanted to put an end to racist, unrespectable policies. In 1962, he even left†¦show more content†¦He never stopped to fight for what he believed in. Although there were so many obstacles standing in front of him, he never complained or gave up. From him, I learned that there are two essential keys to achieving our goals, which are dream and attitude. In his lifetime, apartheid had become such a culture in South Africa that almost no one was brave enough to confront the policies. White-skinned people continued to suppress the presence of black-skinned people. Only some people would even dare to dream of a free, respectful country. However, that was what Mandela did. He believed that he could contribute something for his beloved country. Through many peaceful fights and campaigns, finally, he successfully changed his dream into reality. Actually, it was his attitude that had pulled so many attentions and respects from all over the world, not only me. He patiently waited and fought for his ideals. He fought everything with his warm smile and wise mindset, which had made him a big, highly respected figure all over the world. There are some similarities between Mandela and myself. I have a dream, which of course is different from Mandela’s. I have a dream to be a successful businessman in the future, and I will try to do my best to achieve that goal. I also believe that I have the attitude needed in order to achieve it. I never give up when I get hard tasks or assignments. I see them as a chance to improve

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